Gothic Victorian Dress in White Colour

When talking about the gothic dresses, the first thought came to our mind is that the dresses should be the black or the dark color. At the very start of the time when the gothic victorian clothing came into being, it was always in the dark colors. And until now the mainstream of this style is still the dark ones, but there also exists the white color which contain a pureness and elegance in it.
Aristocratic Lace and Flower Gothic Victorian Dress

Flower Gothic Victorian Dress

Pure White Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Here today I will illustrate some dresses of gothic victorian style in the color of white.The color of white in the western world has been given the meaning of pureness, clearness and honesty. And it is also solemn and elegant. It has been a tradition that the white color was endowed with the sacred inner meaning. So the white color used in this style of dresses reveals the preference and the acceptance to this kind of style.The above two dresses are totally white dresses. These are the classic gothic victorian dresses.
Pure White Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

This one features the short and white dress. It is an improved one. Because the formal and the traditional one should be in the style of the above two dresses. The white colour on the one hand shows the style it belongs to; on the other hand, it gives the feeling of the elegance. It is a mixed combination of wildness and elegance.


The Red Gothic Victorian Dresses

The color of red is a unique one. Its meaning has a very broad sense. And when it was used in the clothing field it becomes much more outstanding than the color itself. Red signifies passion, vigor and happiness. Because its is the longest light wave in the light spectrum, it brings the sense of expansion and approaching and easy to provoke excited, nervous and passionate feelings.
The following four pictures are the gothic victorian dress in the red color. Though the three dresses are in red the red are in different degrees. Then the effect they bring out is totally different.

Red and White Puff Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

 Puff Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

Honorable Red Lace and Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Red Gothic Victorian Dress

Gorgeous Red and White Sleeveless Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Sleeveless Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Gothic Victorian Dress


We all can see the difference between these four dresses. Although they are all belonged to the red color the difference or the feeling we get from them are totally different.