Victorian Style in Modern Times

With the development of modern fashion design industry, many fashion styles have been widely adapted into its modern version, including victorian style. Victorian style fashion in its own historical period was very different from the style we saw today and the real fashion during victorian era does not have much to do with what we call as victorian style today.

When we trace back to the old days, clothing and behavior in victorian age were very stiff, for example women’s status was fairly low as feminism was not so well-received at that time.

Red and Black One-Shoulder Victorian Evening Dress

In modern times, we modern people have our own interpretation about that age as well as misunderstandings. However, a large number of designs have been borrowed from that time like women’s bonnets, corsets, and the ball gowns. Here is an adapted victorian evening dress. As we can see, the color is very bright, which is very rare in the old time and the clipping is also very modern style. The whole shape was still very victorian.


Pride and Prejudice: a Victorian Romance

As the most classic masterpiece of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice reveals the living condition and emotional life of the young ladies in the countryside of England in the 19th century. The story is truly classic and attractive. There are a lot of movie versions of this novel too. That was the part that I was very interested in.

These are the costumes from the latest Pride and Prejudice movie. Compared with the earlier versions, the costumes in this one tends to be much more modern and easy to wear while the earlier version seems to be more close to the historic facts. Instead of the tight corsets or pannier, the newest version costumes are more easy to wear with the fine fabric and simple design. On one side, the whole design is very appropriate in a way that it reveals the free quality of Elizabeth. On the other side, it is kind of off the age a little bit as the costumes are a little too modern. 


Silver Gothic Victorian Dress

Compared with the sparkling gold color, the silver seems to own another sense of being noble in that it is also sparkling and gorgeous but in a much more low-key way. If gold is compared as the sun which constantly gives out light and heat and silver was no doubt the comparison the moon which looks cold but equally attractive.

Silver Sleeveless Bow and Ruffle Gothic Victorian Dress

The following is several gothic victorian dress in silver color. It is not just an ordinary color but a color which was gifted with a sense of modernity in a way that a lot of industrial product has that glow of sparkle. Therefore, combined with the old-time design features and concept, these dresses are quite stands-out among other ordinary design. As an immensely important part of the design, color could be a key to the success of the whole design. Enjoy the following dresses!


Elegant Victorian Gowns

Since Queen Victoria had been reigning the British Empire for a very long period of time, the women’s fashion in victorian period had been changing constantly. During the 1840s to 1850s, women's gowns developed wide puffed sleeves. Dresses were simple and pale. In 1860s, the skirts became flatter at the front and projected out more behind the woman. Up until 1870s, uncorseted tea gowns were introduced for informal entertaining at home and steadily grew in popularity. In the final years of 1890s, Women's wear in the last decade of the Victorian Era was characterized by high collars, held in place by collar stays, and stiff steel boning in long line bodices. By this time, there were neither crinolines nor bustles. Women opted for the tiny wasp waist instead.

Elegant Champagne Sleeveless Victorian Evening Dress

As a whole, women’s gowns during this period of time has its unique characteristics as being refined, elegant and classic.