Why Are People Fond of Gothic Victorian?

The gothic victorian gowns are in the sense of dark romance. If you have special gothic event to attend and want to be unique, you can think about the gothic victorian style gowns.
gothic victorian clothing

gothic victorian clothing
The clothes in the gothic victorian style becomes more and more popular in some gothic communities. One reason is that it is known by more and more people; the other one reason is that it is a perfect combination of gothic elements and the elegance of the victorian style. It is inspired by the gorgeous architecture and captivating literature that appeared in the Victorian era.
gohtic victorian clothing

Classic Black Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Classic Black Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Think about the victorian homes in New England, think about the cascades of high quality fabric used to make Victorian dresses, and think about the romantic books written during that era. And then you may understand why the gothic victorian style, especially the gothic victorian gowns that rock.
Gothic style is popular. The combined gothic victorian style is much appealing and outstanding than the mere gothic style or the victorian style. Nothing is more darkly romantic than a Gothic Victorian gown. Whether you're going to a special Gothic event or merely just taking a stroll in your local graveyard, you can take the gothic victorian gowns into consideration.


The Ball Gown Design in the Victorian Dresses

The victorian age is striking in the clothing fashion. Some of the most stunning gowns ever created were made during the Victorian era. They used the fine fabrics, such as silk, satin, and muslin. They are indeed beautiful, but there are so many more to see! Attention that was paid to the smallest of details was the hallmark of an expert seamstress or dress-maker; often it took anywhere from 5 months to one year to complete a single evening gown. I love seeing gorgeous ball gowns at reenactments or historical events, but honestly, only wealthy women could afford to have a ball gown in their wardrobes in the old times.
victorian ball gown

victorian ball gown

White and Black Victorian Prom Dress

White and Black Victorian Prom Dress

Green Off Shoulder Victorian Corset Dress

Green Off Shoulder Victorian Corset Dress

As we see here, the ball gowns were the only dresses in the victorian period that allowed for a deeper neckline and shorter sleeves. White gloves in the wrist-length were a must-have accessory for the ball gowns. Other accessories included decorated hand-held fans, elaborate hairstyles, embroidered hankies, smelling salts, and expensive jewelry. Ball gowns were only worn for balls, soirees, and dinner parties--events normally hosted by the upper-class, so it wasn't likely that the average woman would own such a gown. And for the average women, one of their dreams was to possess one ball gown in their wardrobe. The ball gowns look great, show femininity and reveal the wealth of the family.


Gothic Victorian Dress for the Coming Christmas

People are getting excited and passionate. The annual Christmas is coming soon. Do you think the Christmas is all the same in different year? Most people especially the parents have an idea that the Christmas is for the kids. They are the happiest ones to wait the Santa Clause to send presents for them. And the adults, family and friends just get together to celebrate the union. Have you ever thought to have a Christmas that is different from the ones you have already had? Here is a good idea. Besides the family union aspect, the family can also hold a Christmas party. And to make it much more fun, the family members could wear the special clothes.

Fabulous Puff Sleeves Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Puff Sleeves Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Then what kind of clothes that fit such an occasion? I know one kind of dresses that is suitable for the Christmas party. It is the gothic victorian dress. Especially the red one may fit the theme of a Christmas party. Here is one example of the gothic victorian dresses. Though they are named with the gothic included, they show a much more lovely and pretty look.
If there is going to have a Christmas party, you can think about the gothic victorian dress to add much fun and specialty to it.


Victorian Women and Women's Clothing

Women in the victorian age were totally different from women in nowadays world. Women’s social status at that time was very low. And it was a striking illustration of the discrepancy for that the Britain at that time was powerful and wealthy and the social conditions were appalling. Women did not have the suffrage rights, the right to sue, or the right to own property. There was a concept called “pater familias” which meant that the husband as head of the household and moral leader of his family. Women was to love, honour and obey her husband, as her marriage vows stated.
victorian clothing

victorian clothing

Though the status was not high, the victorian clothing had been a prevailing and significant milestone. The clothing trend in the victorian period were focus on the elaborate dresses, skirts with wide volume created by the use of layered materials and heavy fabrics. Through such clothing designs, women could show their wealth and elegance to the other people. Besides, the fitted waist design at that time was one of the most prominent characteristics in women’s clothing. And this narrow waist was achieved by constricting the abdomen with a laced corset. While the silhouette was striking, and the dresses themselves were often exquisitely detailed , the women really had to suffer a lot. This is one aspect that they are different from women in today’s world. Because the dresses in modern fashion keep the good designs of the victorian clothing and discard the bad ones. The dresses still look great but women do no have to suffer when wearing the dress any more.
Elegant Copper Victorian Masquerade Dress

Elegant Copper Victorian Masquerade Dress

Elegant Champagne Victorian Masquerade Dress

Elegant Champagne Victorian Masquerade Dress


The Gorgeous Victorian Hairstyles

Hairstyle is amazing because it can show the period of time. Especially for the ancient times, we can distinguish one period from another according the hairstyles which women wore in that time. Here I will focus on the hairstyles prevailed in the victorian era.
Victorian hairstyles

Victorian hairstyles

Victorian era is really magnificent in the history. We say so mainly because the women’s fashion at that time influenced the fashion in nowadays so much. Even in today’s fashionable world, there is still the victorian element remained. Besides the clothing aspect, the hairstyles in this period is also significant. It enriched the women’s hairstyles in a very large degree.

Victorian hairstyles

victorian hairstyle

victorian hairstyle
After having been researching on the off-trend hairstyles in the victorian style, I feel pleasantly surprised to find that many historical hairstyles are not only fetching, but completely practical! The Victorian era has some of the best. Let's have a look at the time period's predominant coiffures.
These styles are out of use in modern world. But there are some occasions you can try these hairstyles. There are some victorian themed parties or informal events among us. You can choose one that fits you best to match your victoiran dress. And such a look will definitely make you different from the others.


Victorian Christmas and Victorian Dresses

victorian christmas
When we celebrate Christmas with family and friends, we have the Victorians to thank for many of its joyful festivities and delightful customs. It is the people lived in victorian age that revived the old traditions to Christmas, such as caroling, and invented new ones such as decorating the Christmas tree and sending Christmas cards. Most of all, the Victorians made Christmas a family celebration, with its primary focus on the Christ Child and children. A Victorian Christmas entailed the exchange of gifts between parents and children; attendance together at Church services; a multi-course family dinner; and visits with friends, relatives, and other families.
victorian clothing
Royal Red and Gold Victorian Costume Dress

Royal Red and Gold Victorian Costume Dress

The normal Christmas may make people even children feel boring for the setted form of the Christmas. What about a victorian Christmas? It is not only a Christmas that family getting together, but also a themed party that everyone may wear a victorian costume. This may make the Christmas much more fun and leave a much deeper impression to the family and friends.
Sometimes, people forget the tradition and just follow what most people will do. The Christmas is a good example. Anyhow, people should know what the traditional Christmas is and may change some bit to a more impressive celebration for Christmas.


Gothic Victorian Fashion and Clothing

It is easier to define gothic victorian fashion and clothing than the gothic fashion and clothing for the gothic fashion and clothing is a large and overall concept. The gothic victorian style clothing is a subgenre of the gothic style clothing. From the name we can know that it is a mixed style combining both the gothic and victorian element.

gothic victorian clothing

Vintage Black Long Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

Vintage Black Gothic Victorian Dress

As Goths like to say about themselves, "I want to be left alone but I want to be seen. I want to see the shock on other peoples' faces." As a branch of gothic style, gothic victorian clothing of course follows suit. The shock always comes from the colors that applied in the clothes. The most outstanding one is the color of black. Although there there are many more colors worn than it would appear, it will usually keep some of the darkness and black as part of the mixture.
gothic victorian clothing

Green and Black Spaghetti Straps Bow and Ruffle Gothic Victorian Dress

Green and Black Gothic Victorian Dress

The colors serve as an factor to achieve the gothic element in the gothic victorian fashion and clothing. The style and the pattern show the victorian part. A women’s dress is usually in the ball gown silhouette. The style is the classic victorian style except the colors.
It is a nicely try to fuse both the gothic and victorian style together. And the look of such dresses is fantastic and dramatic.


Women’s Shoes in the Victorian Style

Victorian era is fabulous. I say it fabulous for its contribution to the clothing world. People created a unique dressing style in this period. Besides the clothing field, the foot wear is also an important part to make the victoiran style much outstanding. And here today I will talk about the foot wear for women in the victorian style.
victorian shoes

victorian shoe

In the early 19th century shoes began to be made with a right foot and a left foot instead of being interchangeable. Men very often wore boots in the 19th century and it became acceptable for women to wear them too. Firstly they were made of leather but since the 1850s they were made of rubber.However at the end of the century it became fashionable for women to wear shoes again. Victorian fashion shoes are gorgeous. It included high embroidery designs, velvet covered front and silky bows as decoration. They were welcomed especially by the young ladies. No matter the boots or the shoes, the foot wears in the victorian style are characterized by the heels and pointed or squared toes.
Here are some pictures. You can see the exquisite workmanship and the subtle detail on the shoes. These are some of the classic ones in the style of victorian fashion.


A Brief Introduction to Victorian Clothing History

victorian clothing

victorian clothing

vintage victorian clothing

victorian clothing

The Victorian Era is named after Queen Victoria, who reigned the England from 1937 to 1901. You may think that the clothing fashion in 60 years would change a lot. But the changes did not happen as quickly as you think.
In the early years of the Victorian age, the transportation was not advanced. So the clothing style stayed for a really long period. As the industry began to develop, the fashion in the clothing world started to change much more rapidly and faster than before. And this caused the women who were fashionable to keep their wardrobes up with the rapidly changed fashion trends. Though the fashion changed, the basic and elementary part of the clothing is not altered. The clothing in the entire era can be said to reflect a certain romance and gentility.
In the early years, the look of women was fragile and domestic. Clothing for women was utterly feminine, and was designed to emphasize the much-admired tiny waist. Ladies wore as many as seven petticoats under their voluminous skirts, and bodices were high-necked, long sleeved, and tightly fitted to the body.
Later in the era, the style changed a lot after the invention of the sewing machine. The clothing became more lavishly trimmed than ever before. And more bright colors were applied into the women’s dresses. Toward the end, the fashion became simple and not extravagant. There were no more the bustle skirt. The new, looser dresses gave a more flowing look.Within the limited words, all above are a brief history in the clothing fashion in the victorian age. I hope it will be helpful for you to know the basics to the victorian fashion.


The Victorian Style Corsets Are Eye-Catching

The corsets are actually stemmed from the victorian era. At that time, women wanted to have a curvy figure, so the corsets were used to help construct their slim figure. They pursued such figure at the cost of their transformed internal organs. As the time went by, the dressing idea had changed. Women will not be restricted to the over curvy figure. The corsets now are not that tight. Women wear it for the beauty and sexiness it shows.

Fashion Yellow Waist Training Victorian Overbust Corset

Yellow Waist Training Victorian Overbust Corset

Red Satin Steel Boned Victorian Overbust Corset

Red Satin Steel Boned Victorian Overbust Corset

The above two corsets are in the victorian style. They are both in the light color. The pink studded with gold accents and the white and the blue are matching for the two corsets simple and classy style. Corsets are important to women. The function the corsets play is mainly in two ways. One is to show and emphasize the curvy figure especially the waist. The other is to reveal the wearer’s sexiness and femininity. For the second function, the best pattern is the strapless design and the sweetheart neckline. There is also a feature in most corsets. You can also see from the two corsets I post. The bottom line of the corsets are not level. The pointed line with asymmetrical detail is mostly appeared in a victorian corset.
Victorian style clothing has a long history. There are some reasons for that it is kept till now. In the corsets, the gorgeousness and the sexiness are the most features that make it a fashion in nowadays.


What to Wear to a Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is an event which the participants should wear costume and wear a mask. Masquerade balls were a feature of the Carnival season in the 15th century, and involved increasingly celebrate allegorical Royal Entries, pageants and triumphal processions celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life.
The masquerade balls are setted as a festival among the guests. The masked guests were supposedly dressed so as to be unidentifiable. This would create a type of enjoyment to see if a guest could determine the other's identities. This added a humorous effect to many masques and enabled a more enjoyable version of typical balls.
Champagne and Black Victorian Masquerade Dress

Champagne and Black Victorian Masquerade Dress

Black Gothic Victorian Masquerade Dress

Black Gothic Victorian Masquerade Dress

In modern world, the masquerade balls still exist. If there is going to be held a masquerade ball, do you know what to wear?
Here is the dress inspiration for women. They are all in the victorian style.The first one is a champagne and black masquerade dress. The elegance and classic victorian style are fully revealed. The second one is in totally black. The ball gown design with the dark color show the dress in the gothic victorian style. They are both perfect for a masquerade ball. I hope it will be helpful to your choice of dresses for a masquerade ball.


Dresses With a Bustle - Fashion in the Victorian Style

victorian clothing for women

vintage victorian clothing

Brown Victorian Reproduction Bustle Dress

Brown Victorian Reproduction Bustle Dress

It’s fascinating to look at antique fashion photos. The styles and the details embellishing the garments will make you look back to the fashion in the old age.
These two ladies demonstrate the latest fashion worn in the latter part of the 1870s. The dresses they wear show a full image. But the bustle in the back of the dress gives a typical shape of the dressing fashion in that period. The bustle design makes the dress fuller, but the additional decoration on the dress also brings the attention to the fullness it reveals.
The bustle design is one of the most prominent features in the victorian dresses. It is made of heavy fabric intended to pull the back of a skirt down and flatten it. Fullness of some sort was still considered necessary to make the waist look smaller and the bustle eventually replaced the crinoline completely.
You may have doubts about how the bustled dress could stay in setted place and draped so well. There is a cage made of the metal material inside of the dresses. There are other kind of bustle applied into the victorian dresses. Except the added cage inside, the luxuriant ruffled design also could achieve the fullness of the dresses.


The Gothic Victorian Dresses in Dark Green

The black or the dark color comes to me first when I hear the gothic dresses. It is understandable. The true gothic style sends the feeling of terror. It is a mysterious while kind of terrified style. When it is applied into the clothing field, it becomes popular very soon. Green is a natural color. However the dark green is totally different from the normal green one. It can achieve the similar effect as the black color in the gothic style clothing.
gothic victorian dress
The gothic victorian style as we can get from the name is a combination of the the gothic element and the victorian style. The splendid ball gown makes it a classic victorian style dress. The ball gown is the most classic because the women in the victorian period pursue the luxuriant and curvy figure.
Green Ball Gown Gothic Victorian Dress

Green Ball Gown Gothic Victorian Dress

In nowadays people could wear a dress of such style to some themed parties or some informal occasions. This will absolutely make the wearer the most outstanding one in that occasion.


Style of Gothic Fashion: the Victorian Goth

The Victorian fashion is widespread throughout the Goth style - the corsets, lace gloves, hats, bustle skirts and so on are the victorian features. They are obviously borrowed from the victorian era. Nevertheless, none of these embodies the grace like the victorian goth. The dressing way in the gothic victorian style shows a very detailed look which involves so many layers of impractical clothing. The victorian style clothing we know emphasize more on the splendid and luxuriant feeling it send rather than its comfort and convenience. For instance, the attire that a lady wears may include a steel-boned corset, stockings, bloomers, petticoat, skirt, bustle, blouse, veil and parasol. From these many names we can see it is so complicated in the victorian clothing.

Blue Cap Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

When combining the victorian style with the gothic one, the dress gives a totally fresh felling to the people who watch it. On the one hand it shows the splendid and luxuriance; on the other hand, it reveals the dark gothic feeling. It is really a good mixed way to put these two styles together.


The Victorian Gothic in Fashion: Why it Exists and Why it’s Awesome

Victorian style is a classic and timeless style. Since the nineteenth century this style has come and gone through the eras of fashion consistently and always with a specific audience in mind. And for the gothic style is the recent new trend in the fashion world. Our generation I think has a specific attraction to the darkness, which means people in our age are fond of the dark things. There may be two reasons for that. The gothic novels and the films are popular among our contemporaries. And another reason is that people like to act and to be unique from the others. Such kind of dressing style may make the wearer look much cooler and special.
Luxuriant Red Short Sleeves Ruffled Gothic Victorian Dress

Red Short Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

The combination of the classic victorian style with the gothic one bring this new visual effect. The look may send both the vintage and the modern way of dressing. It is truly a good match.


In Antique Clothing, Black is Beautiful

There is a saying goes like this: "When we say we’re looking for antique and vintage clothing, we mean we’re looking for the reality, not reproductions, and the high survival rate of black is part of the reality."
Vintage Black Multi-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress

Black Multi-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress

When shopping antique clothing racks, people see a lot of black accent in it. From the 20th century, they see little black dresses, trimmed black felt hats, black velvet evening coats, beaded black bags and so on. And from Victorian times, they see little feathered black bonnets, boned black bodices, black silk shirtwaists. 
Gorgeous Black Bow and Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Black Bow and Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Sometimes customers complain about all the black: they admire the styles, but weren’t these worn at a funeral? However to make it more in gothic style, the black element is indispensable. The gothic victorian style clothing is just combined the two style together. If the dress is in the bright or the light color then we should classify it to the victorian clothing not relative to the gothic element. The above dresses you can see the first two are the pure victorian dresses. And the last one is a gothic victorian dress.


The Victorian Gothic Jewelry That Matches the Dresses

Jewelry as the decoration to a women is necessary. For the dresses are always expose the neck. So when women wear some dresses in different kinds, there should be a matched necklace to add some more glamour. The gothic victorian dresses are in the square or the scoop neckline that means the jewelry is inevitable. And you may do not know what kind of jewelry or neckline that match the dress perfectly. I will illustrate some classic ones to inform you .

The victorian necklace mostly applies the metal element. There are the ribbon and lace one but such metal ones are perfect. The chain is in the metal material, the front part is the various print in victorian style and the crystal decoration in the bottom. The pictures I illustrate here are the metal ones in different front prints. The most classic on is the second one. The oval shaped front with the silver neck chain. When dressing in the victorian gothic style, you can also choose a neckline in the above style. It will complete the victorian gothic look you want to express.