Black and Red: Color of the Vampire

Gothic victorian clothing in black and red always remind me of the blood and gothic symbols in vampire stories, especially the lastest vampire TV show Vampire Diaries. The story was set in the colonial period of America so a lot of the costumes are made according to the victorian style and other vampire features. Victorian style dressing could always bring us a sense of noble and big family just like Katherine in Vampire Diaries.

She is demonstrated as a rich girl who has been transformed into a vampire. She is evil and crazy but on the other hand charming. Her clothing were generally made in black and red color under the victorian style. That is almost a typical image belonging to her.

Black and Red Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

The black shows the dark side of the vampire while the red symbolizes the charming but dangerous nature of the female vampire.


Victorian Style in Modern Times

With the development of modern fashion design industry, many fashion styles have been widely adapted into its modern version, including victorian style. Victorian style fashion in its own historical period was very different from the style we saw today and the real fashion during victorian era does not have much to do with what we call as victorian style today.

When we trace back to the old days, clothing and behavior in victorian age were very stiff, for example women’s status was fairly low as feminism was not so well-received at that time.

Red and Black One-Shoulder Victorian Evening Dress

In modern times, we modern people have our own interpretation about that age as well as misunderstandings. However, a large number of designs have been borrowed from that time like women’s bonnets, corsets, and the ball gowns. Here is an adapted victorian evening dress. As we can see, the color is very bright, which is very rare in the old time and the clipping is also very modern style. The whole shape was still very victorian.


Pride and Prejudice: a Victorian Romance

As the most classic masterpiece of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice reveals the living condition and emotional life of the young ladies in the countryside of England in the 19th century. The story is truly classic and attractive. There are a lot of movie versions of this novel too. That was the part that I was very interested in.

These are the costumes from the latest Pride and Prejudice movie. Compared with the earlier versions, the costumes in this one tends to be much more modern and easy to wear while the earlier version seems to be more close to the historic facts. Instead of the tight corsets or pannier, the newest version costumes are more easy to wear with the fine fabric and simple design. On one side, the whole design is very appropriate in a way that it reveals the free quality of Elizabeth. On the other side, it is kind of off the age a little bit as the costumes are a little too modern. 


Silver Gothic Victorian Dress

Compared with the sparkling gold color, the silver seems to own another sense of being noble in that it is also sparkling and gorgeous but in a much more low-key way. If gold is compared as the sun which constantly gives out light and heat and silver was no doubt the comparison the moon which looks cold but equally attractive.

Silver Sleeveless Bow and Ruffle Gothic Victorian Dress

The following is several gothic victorian dress in silver color. It is not just an ordinary color but a color which was gifted with a sense of modernity in a way that a lot of industrial product has that glow of sparkle. Therefore, combined with the old-time design features and concept, these dresses are quite stands-out among other ordinary design. As an immensely important part of the design, color could be a key to the success of the whole design. Enjoy the following dresses!


Elegant Victorian Gowns

Since Queen Victoria had been reigning the British Empire for a very long period of time, the women’s fashion in victorian period had been changing constantly. During the 1840s to 1850s, women's gowns developed wide puffed sleeves. Dresses were simple and pale. In 1860s, the skirts became flatter at the front and projected out more behind the woman. Up until 1870s, uncorseted tea gowns were introduced for informal entertaining at home and steadily grew in popularity. In the final years of 1890s, Women's wear in the last decade of the Victorian Era was characterized by high collars, held in place by collar stays, and stiff steel boning in long line bodices. By this time, there were neither crinolines nor bustles. Women opted for the tiny wasp waist instead.

Elegant Champagne Sleeveless Victorian Evening Dress

As a whole, women’s gowns during this period of time has its unique characteristics as being refined, elegant and classic.


Alice in Wonderland ----- a Feast of Gothic Victorian Clothing

The 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton and starred Mia Wasikowska as well as Johnny Depp is a real feast for the audience, but a vintage dress maniac like me, I could only see it as nothing but a feast of gothic victorian clothing. As the general setting for the story is the victorian era and in order to achieve a sense of fantasy, as usual Tim Burton add something gothic into the movie which symboled by the clothing designs for the characters, the music as well as the framework of the plots.

First of all, the colors of the costumes in Alice in Wonderland are mostly scarlet and black which have a strong sense of gothic. Secondly, the dresses are all in the frame of the victorian style dressing. Thirdly, as those costumes are for movies, they all have to be a little more unique than the traditional normal dresses.

Elegant Red and Black Bow Gothic Victorian Dress


Gothic Victorian, Modern Adaption and Wistful Nostalgia

For fans of good old days, victorian era is a symbol of wisdom and temperance. For rebellious people, victorian age is like a hell full of shackles and confinement. However, maybe neither of the interpretations were not so true. The real history was only known by people who live in that age of changes. What could be known is that influenced by the era, victorian fashion varied from time to time. At the last decade of the victorian age, women’s dresses has apparent features as being conservative, exquisite as well as quite of that age.

 Gothic culture has always been mysterious and nostalgic with a sense of mystery, secrecy and melancholy. As a matter of fact, victorian clothing has nothing to do with gothic genre for a very long period of time.

Gorgeous Red and Black Double-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress
However, the modern design of the combination of these two styles gave birth to a brand new style: Gothic Victorian, a style sparling with the merits of both the two styles.


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Purple Lace Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Purple Lace Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Classic Black and Blue Ruffled Gothic Victorian Dress

Black and Blue Ruffled Gothic Victorian Dress

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Wearing Gothic Victorian Dresses for Vintage Look

gothic victorian dresses

gothic victorian dresses
Vintage look has been one of the popular pursuit made by people. Other than the normal wear, the vintage clothes could give a totally different look. Among the so many styles that have relation to the vintage feel, the victorian style is one of the greatest.
Black and Red Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Black and Red Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Fabulous Red and Black Ruffled Gothic Victorian Dress

Red and Black Ruffled Gothic Victorian Dress

In a more modern way, people like to add gothic element to the victorian style which comes to the gothic victorian style. For women, the dresses are always the mostly chosen because they place much emphasis on the elegance and femininity.
The colors serve as an factor to achieve the gothic element in the gothic victorian fashion and clothing. The style and the pattern show the victorian part. A women’s dress is usually in the ball gown silhouette which is the most representative for victorian style.
In a word, it is a trend for women to dress for a vintage look. Within the so many choices, the gothic victorian style dresses are great. You can achieve both vintage and also a alternative gothic look.


The Elegance and Comfort of the Victorian Outfits

As the choices of clothes become more and more various, buying clothes of any sort has become a lot more challenging. As the vintage clothing has been favored by a lot of people, the victorian style is emerging back to clothing field. In the following part, I will mention mainly the two key characteristics in victorian clothing which include the elegance and the comfort.
victorian dresses

Purple Ruffle Victorian Bustle Dress

Purple Ruffle Victorian Bustle Dress

The victorian clothing which was first created in 19th century is represented by its elegance and style. With more people looking to stand out from the rest, victorian outfits have gathered popularity among people from all over the world. The carefully crafted designed used by this range of clothing makes them ideal for several social occasions and ceremonies.
victorian dresses

Black Lace Victorian Bustle Dress

Black Lace Victorian Bustle Dress

One of the reasons why people favor Victorian style clothing is its comfort to the wearers. Unlike several outfit options made from weirdly uncomfortable materials, clothes from the Victorian range are usually made from fabrics made from natural fibers, making them one of the most comfortable lines of clothing the market has to offer.
In one word, it is the characteristics that make the victorian clothing unfailing in the clothing field. Among these characteristics, the elegance and comfort play essential part in it.


Vintage Clothing Love in Gothic Victorian Style

A lot of people love vintage clothing. Victorian is one among so many vintage styles. So it is welcomed by so many people. And in nowadays things relative to alternative has increased its popularity. So some designers applies gothic element into victorian style. And it comes into being the gothic victorian style in clothing field.
gothic victorian dresses

gothic victorian dresses

Black and Red Flower Gothic Victorian Dress

Black and Red Flower Gothic Victorian Dress

In most cases, the gothic victorian style is adopted into the women’s dresses. Ball gown dresses with gothic elements are most classic. The above dresses are all in the gothic victorian style. They are all characterized by the full skirt, the fitted bodice and luxuriant vintage elements. These details are the key elements to make the dresses look in the gothic victorian style.
In a word, the combination of gothic and victoiran style is perfect. It achieve both the require of being vintage and up to alternative fashion. There are so many occasions that you may attend, so try the gothic victoiran dresses on.


Victorian Nightgowns

There is a makes a wide range of sleepwear for both men and women including gowns, robes, nightshirts and pajamas. In most cases, they are made of cotton with adornments such as lace and embroidery accents. Besides there are some patterns like the sleeves you can choose from. Choose from sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved nightgowns.
victorian nightgowns

victorian nightgowns

Classic White Lace Long Chemise Dress

victorian nightgowns

Vintage White Lace Chemise Dress

The peignoir sets are the most common style of victorian nightgowns. It consists of a long and flowing gown with long sleeves and a lot of ruffles or lace. Many victorian nightgowns have high necks, which were not as typical and comfortable as the nightgown with a rounded neck trimmed with ribbon or lace details.
Besides, the color in victorian style nightgowns is usually the white. And the fabric is totally in cotton and lace. The loose design with all above features makes victorian nightgowns beautiful. No matter you are a fan in victorian style clothing or not, it is a good nightgown choice.


Facts about Victorian Dresses for Women

Clothing in two hundred years ago was both similar and very different from the 21st century. During the victorian period, the fashion or clothing patterns changed near 10 years. And the clothing facts during this period reflect societal norms, people’s thinking and material available etc. So read on to get some facts about the victorian dresses for women.
victorian dresses

victorian dresses
Vivid Colors
Gowns during this period were often made from two vivid colors chosen from among such colors as deep red, royal blue or bright green, and some of these combinations. It might be considered strange by today's people but not at that time.
Skirt Length
Skirt length only varied for ladies with different ages. Dresses for young ladies during the Victorian period were in the length to knees or calves. And women always wore gowns in floor length. Though women love to show beauty, but the social restriction made them to follow conservativeness.
Red Off-the-Shoulder Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Red Off-the-Shoulder Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Gorgeous Fuchsia Short Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

Gorgeous Fuchsia Short Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

For the under development of the victorian period, the material were limited in women’s dresses. There are satin, lace, taffeta and cotton. The first three were always applied into dresses for women with higher status and cotton for normal ones.
Above are some facts about the victorian dresses for women. We can see through clearly the societal norms and people’s thinking at that time.


Victorian Clothing Fashion During 1840-1855

It is around 1840 that the Queen Victorian got her leading role in England. As the victorian fashion begun, the full dresses were fast spread to all around England. So here are some clothing fashion in the victorian period during 1840-1855.
victorian fashion women

Vintage Green and Brown Steampunk Bustle Dress

Vintage Green and Brown Steampunk Bustle Dress

victorian fashion women

Dark Blue Flower Printed Victorian Dress

Dark Blue Flower Printed Victorian Dress

In the very beginning, the full dresses were very popular. They were usually supported by a vast array of petticoats which made of horsehair, or stiffened with cane and padding to achieve the full effect. The natural waist could be slightly longer than natural, with points in front and behind. Most trimmings were applied in a manner that was wide at the shoulder, narrowing at the waist and then widening again at the hem of the skirt which would accentuate the tightly laced waistline.
The bodice shoulder line ended well below the natural shoulder, often pinning the arm of the wearer down.  The sleeves were in the fitted design.
The overall look of an early victorian woman did not change much during this period. Only a little bit. But the basic look of a victorian women during 1840-1855 is as what I mentioned and posted above.


Use of Fabric in Victorian Dresses

The Victorian Era which was named for England's Queen Victoria was a period with a brief but interesting period in fashion history. Many distinct styles, from the bell skirt to the bustle, were created during this era. To make the clothes and costumes in victorian style more authentic, we need to know the traditional fabrics used in victorian clothes.
victorian dresses

victorian dresses

Green and Black Spaghetti Straps Bow and Ruffle Gothic Victorian Dress

Spaghetti Straps Bow and Ruffle Gothic Victorian Dress

Silks and Dyes
It is until the late 1850s, the dye colors became available and soon fashion followed suit. Bright blues, vivid purples and other bold colors were used on silk fabrics that picked up the power of the colors. The bright dyes were not used as much on cotton, linen and muslin, as they often looked too brash and harsh. They are always applied into the silk fabric.
victorian dresses

Red and Black One-Shoulder Victorian Evening Dress

Red and Black One-Shoulder Victorian Evening Dress

For centuries, satin fabric has been used in all kinds of clothes. During the victorian period, it was also a prevailing fabric in women’s dresses. Tailors loved to use it for its luxurious feel and look.
Cotton is another fabric that used in the victorian clothes. It was seen in normal persons’ dresses or the wealthy ones’ Undergarments. It had a more comfortable feel than a gorgeous and attractive look.
Fabrics are one important aspect in victorian clothes. Using the right fabrics will make victorian style clothing look much more realistic than the other kinds.


Costume Wigs for Women in Victorian Style

Victorian style has been favored by more and more women for costume use. And under this circumstances, there are more accessories to match victorian clothing. Wigs are popular among women who are fond of victorian style costume. So in the following part, I will introduce you the costume wigs for women in the victorian style. There are almost ten kinds of victorian wigs. And I will focus on the following two types.
costume wigs

costume wigs

costume wigs

curly wigs
Marie Antoinette Type
Marie Antoinette was an England Queen who brought the rococo style to the world. Just like the clothing in Marie Antoinette style, Marie Antoinette type wigs are also gorgeous. It's a very high beehive-type hairstyle with considerably long locks of curly hair going down the sides. There are no bangs for this wig, as the hairline is pulled straight upward. And although it comes in a few different colors, powder white is the most commonly found.
Old London Type
The old London type wigs share features of curls hanging in the front and a high hairdo. It also has stylish short bangs and long, curly locks of hair coming down the sides of the head. The back of the hair is pulled into a bun and put on the top of the head.
The wigs are must haves if you want to look in authentic victorian style. These two types are most seen and welcomed. I hope it will be helpful.