Victorian Nightgowns

There is a makes a wide range of sleepwear for both men and women including gowns, robes, nightshirts and pajamas. In most cases, they are made of cotton with adornments such as lace and embroidery accents. Besides there are some patterns like the sleeves you can choose from. Choose from sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved nightgowns.
victorian nightgowns

victorian nightgowns

Classic White Lace Long Chemise Dress

victorian nightgowns

Vintage White Lace Chemise Dress

The peignoir sets are the most common style of victorian nightgowns. It consists of a long and flowing gown with long sleeves and a lot of ruffles or lace. Many victorian nightgowns have high necks, which were not as typical and comfortable as the nightgown with a rounded neck trimmed with ribbon or lace details.
Besides, the color in victorian style nightgowns is usually the white. And the fabric is totally in cotton and lace. The loose design with all above features makes victorian nightgowns beautiful. No matter you are a fan in victorian style clothing or not, it is a good nightgown choice.

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