Gothic Victorian, Modern Adaption and Wistful Nostalgia

For fans of good old days, victorian era is a symbol of wisdom and temperance. For rebellious people, victorian age is like a hell full of shackles and confinement. However, maybe neither of the interpretations were not so true. The real history was only known by people who live in that age of changes. What could be known is that influenced by the era, victorian fashion varied from time to time. At the last decade of the victorian age, women’s dresses has apparent features as being conservative, exquisite as well as quite of that age.

 Gothic culture has always been mysterious and nostalgic with a sense of mystery, secrecy and melancholy. As a matter of fact, victorian clothing has nothing to do with gothic genre for a very long period of time.

Gorgeous Red and Black Double-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress
However, the modern design of the combination of these two styles gave birth to a brand new style: Gothic Victorian, a style sparling with the merits of both the two styles.

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