Women’s Shoes in the Victorian Style

Victorian era is fabulous. I say it fabulous for its contribution to the clothing world. People created a unique dressing style in this period. Besides the clothing field, the foot wear is also an important part to make the victoiran style much outstanding. And here today I will talk about the foot wear for women in the victorian style.
victorian shoes

victorian shoe

In the early 19th century shoes began to be made with a right foot and a left foot instead of being interchangeable. Men very often wore boots in the 19th century and it became acceptable for women to wear them too. Firstly they were made of leather but since the 1850s they were made of rubber.However at the end of the century it became fashionable for women to wear shoes again. Victorian fashion shoes are gorgeous. It included high embroidery designs, velvet covered front and silky bows as decoration. They were welcomed especially by the young ladies. No matter the boots or the shoes, the foot wears in the victorian style are characterized by the heels and pointed or squared toes.
Here are some pictures. You can see the exquisite workmanship and the subtle detail on the shoes. These are some of the classic ones in the style of victorian fashion.

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