A Brief Introduction to Victorian Clothing History

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victorian clothing

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victorian clothing

The Victorian Era is named after Queen Victoria, who reigned the England from 1937 to 1901. You may think that the clothing fashion in 60 years would change a lot. But the changes did not happen as quickly as you think.
In the early years of the Victorian age, the transportation was not advanced. So the clothing style stayed for a really long period. As the industry began to develop, the fashion in the clothing world started to change much more rapidly and faster than before. And this caused the women who were fashionable to keep their wardrobes up with the rapidly changed fashion trends. Though the fashion changed, the basic and elementary part of the clothing is not altered. The clothing in the entire era can be said to reflect a certain romance and gentility.
In the early years, the look of women was fragile and domestic. Clothing for women was utterly feminine, and was designed to emphasize the much-admired tiny waist. Ladies wore as many as seven petticoats under their voluminous skirts, and bodices were high-necked, long sleeved, and tightly fitted to the body.
Later in the era, the style changed a lot after the invention of the sewing machine. The clothing became more lavishly trimmed than ever before. And more bright colors were applied into the women’s dresses. Toward the end, the fashion became simple and not extravagant. There were no more the bustle skirt. The new, looser dresses gave a more flowing look.Within the limited words, all above are a brief history in the clothing fashion in the victorian age. I hope it will be helpful for you to know the basics to the victorian fashion.

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