Victorian Christmas and Victorian Dresses

victorian christmas
When we celebrate Christmas with family and friends, we have the Victorians to thank for many of its joyful festivities and delightful customs. It is the people lived in victorian age that revived the old traditions to Christmas, such as caroling, and invented new ones such as decorating the Christmas tree and sending Christmas cards. Most of all, the Victorians made Christmas a family celebration, with its primary focus on the Christ Child and children. A Victorian Christmas entailed the exchange of gifts between parents and children; attendance together at Church services; a multi-course family dinner; and visits with friends, relatives, and other families.
victorian clothing
Royal Red and Gold Victorian Costume Dress

Royal Red and Gold Victorian Costume Dress

The normal Christmas may make people even children feel boring for the setted form of the Christmas. What about a victorian Christmas? It is not only a Christmas that family getting together, but also a themed party that everyone may wear a victorian costume. This may make the Christmas much more fun and leave a much deeper impression to the family and friends.
Sometimes, people forget the tradition and just follow what most people will do. The Christmas is a good example. Anyhow, people should know what the traditional Christmas is and may change some bit to a more impressive celebration for Christmas.

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