In Antique Clothing, Black is Beautiful

There is a saying goes like this: "When we say we’re looking for antique and vintage clothing, we mean we’re looking for the reality, not reproductions, and the high survival rate of black is part of the reality."
Vintage Black Multi-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress

Black Multi-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress

When shopping antique clothing racks, people see a lot of black accent in it. From the 20th century, they see little black dresses, trimmed black felt hats, black velvet evening coats, beaded black bags and so on. And from Victorian times, they see little feathered black bonnets, boned black bodices, black silk shirtwaists. 
Gorgeous Black Bow and Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Black Bow and Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Sometimes customers complain about all the black: they admire the styles, but weren’t these worn at a funeral? However to make it more in gothic style, the black element is indispensable. The gothic victorian style clothing is just combined the two style together. If the dress is in the bright or the light color then we should classify it to the victorian clothing not relative to the gothic element. The above dresses you can see the first two are the pure victorian dresses. And the last one is a gothic victorian dress.

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