Style of Gothic Fashion: the Victorian Goth

The Victorian fashion is widespread throughout the Goth style - the corsets, lace gloves, hats, bustle skirts and so on are the victorian features. They are obviously borrowed from the victorian era. Nevertheless, none of these embodies the grace like the victorian goth. The dressing way in the gothic victorian style shows a very detailed look which involves so many layers of impractical clothing. The victorian style clothing we know emphasize more on the splendid and luxuriant feeling it send rather than its comfort and convenience. For instance, the attire that a lady wears may include a steel-boned corset, stockings, bloomers, petticoat, skirt, bustle, blouse, veil and parasol. From these many names we can see it is so complicated in the victorian clothing.

Blue Cap Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

When combining the victorian style with the gothic one, the dress gives a totally fresh felling to the people who watch it. On the one hand it shows the splendid and luxuriance; on the other hand, it reveals the dark gothic feeling. It is really a good mixed way to put these two styles together.

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