The Gothic Victorian Dresses in Dark Green

The black or the dark color comes to me first when I hear the gothic dresses. It is understandable. The true gothic style sends the feeling of terror. It is a mysterious while kind of terrified style. When it is applied into the clothing field, it becomes popular very soon. Green is a natural color. However the dark green is totally different from the normal green one. It can achieve the similar effect as the black color in the gothic style clothing.
gothic victorian dress
The gothic victorian style as we can get from the name is a combination of the the gothic element and the victorian style. The splendid ball gown makes it a classic victorian style dress. The ball gown is the most classic because the women in the victorian period pursue the luxuriant and curvy figure.
Green Ball Gown Gothic Victorian Dress

Green Ball Gown Gothic Victorian Dress

In nowadays people could wear a dress of such style to some themed parties or some informal occasions. This will absolutely make the wearer the most outstanding one in that occasion.

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