The Victorian Gothic Jewelry That Matches the Dresses

Jewelry as the decoration to a women is necessary. For the dresses are always expose the neck. So when women wear some dresses in different kinds, there should be a matched necklace to add some more glamour. The gothic victorian dresses are in the square or the scoop neckline that means the jewelry is inevitable. And you may do not know what kind of jewelry or neckline that match the dress perfectly. I will illustrate some classic ones to inform you .

The victorian necklace mostly applies the metal element. There are the ribbon and lace one but such metal ones are perfect. The chain is in the metal material, the front part is the various print in victorian style and the crystal decoration in the bottom. The pictures I illustrate here are the metal ones in different front prints. The most classic on is the second one. The oval shaped front with the silver neck chain. When dressing in the victorian gothic style, you can also choose a neckline in the above style. It will complete the victorian gothic look you want to express.

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