Classic Patterns in Gothic Victorian Dresses

Gothic elements are always seen in the clothing style such like gothic punk clothing style, gothic medieval clothing style, the gothic victorian clothing style and so on. It is so welcomed by people and designers for that its uniqueness and being outstanding. In gothic victorian style dresses, the gothic aspect has played an important role in its patterns. And in the following part I will focus on the classic patterns of gothic victorian dresses.
gothic victorian dresses

gothic victorian dresses

Honorable Red Lace and Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Honorable Red Lace and Bow Gothic Victorian Dress

Vintage Black and White Cap Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

Black and White Cap Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress

First of all for the sleeves part, there are mainly four types: long trumpet sleeves, short sleeves, cape sleeves and sleeveless design. Additional black lace accents adorned on the dress add gothic tones. Secondly, in most cases the square neckline is mostly applied into gothic victorian style dresses. And besides the tunrdown collar and round collar are used less than the square one. Thirdly, the women in the victorian age placed great emphasis on the waist. And this design is also applied into the dresses in nowadays. But it changes to be not too tight and only show a fitted waist figure. The most prominent feature is the ball gown design which reveals the classic victorian style.
What I mentioned before are some patterns the gothic victorian dresses would apply. Of course there are some other patterns, but theses are most classic. If you are new to this style, you can choose dresses with these patterns.

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  1. My Girlfriend loves the black dress on this particular blog and i would love to get one similar to it for her but am having a hard time finding one like it... what would be the process of having one similar made?