Guide to Silhouettes During Victorian Period

The Victorian Era was the time from 1837 to 1901 which under reign of the Queen Victoria. During her 64 year reign women's dress styles changed to some degree. And the most representative feature lies in the difference is the silhouette. So here I would like to talk about the silhouettes of women’s dress during the victorian period.
Vintage Champagne Embroidered Steampunk Victorian Dress

Champagne Embroidered Steampunk Victorian Dress

victorian dresses

victorian dresses
There were mainly three kinds of silhouettes in the victorian period: the ball gown, the bustle skirt and the draped skirt. The ball gown is the most outstanding silhouette in the victorian period. The design of fitted upper bodice and the ball gown shows a very classic image of victorian women. Women love this silhouette because it reveals both the slim waist and the wealthy fullness of the wearer. The bustle skirt placed a much more emphasis on the back part of the dress. It was prevailing in the middle of the victorian age. And in this period of time, women worshiped the fullness in the bottom part to show a extremely curvy figure. The draped skirt was appeared in the late victorian age. Women begun to focus on the natural beauty and figure of themselves.
The tracing of silhouettes can be seen the changes in people’s idea on clothing. And all above pictures illustrate the differences in Victorian dress change, most notably the shape of the skirt.

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