Wedding Dresses in the Victorian Style

There are a large amount of wedding dresses in nowadays. Different styles, different silhouettes and various decorations make the wedding dresses vary in a large scale. In the most part, the bridal gowns are in the modern style. However there are some brides that favor the wedding dresses which are unique and different from the one people can always see. And here I am glad to show you the wedding dresses in the victorian style.
victorian wedding dress

Elegant White Off Shoulder Victorian Wedding Dress

White Off Shoulder Victorian Wedding Dress

The bridal gowns in the victorian style here is not similar to the classic victorian style bridal gowns. It shares most features with the victorian style dresses. It is in the ball gown silhouette which is most classic in the victorian dresses. Some of them have the trumpet sleeves and the exquisite floral printed accents. The additional decoration makes the dress much more gorgeous. And when it comes to the color that applied into the wedding dress in the victorian style, it is not limited to the pure white color. The bridal gowns could be in any color if the bride want to have.
To conclude, the the wedding dress in the victorian style is setted. And the brides could choose the neckline, the sleeves, the color and the decoration other than the silhouette. It will be a good try to have a wedding dress in the victorian style.


  1. The first one is my dream dress for my wedding how do I get it in different colors