Being Nostalgic in Gothic Victorian Style

One of the biggest influences on Gothic fashion has been the imagery in Gothic literature and their movie counterparts. The particularly Victorian writers include Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker. They did a significant contribution to the gothic style in the old times and even lasted till now. The goth affects a lot of people in different ways. Especially in the fashion world, it has occupied a large proportion. Victorian fashions like corsets, lace, frock coats are popular throughout the scene, but maybe none wear them with as much style as the Victorian Goth.
Like their Victorian role models, the Victorian Goths wish to convey an image of decorum and dignity. Clothes must be smart and, for many, historically accurate (corsets are to be worn beneath one’s garments, of course). Ball dress and mourning garb are particularly prominent in the scene. Such kind of dressing style is prevailing in the victorian age. The dignity and the elegance the dresses have shown very clear. There is a growing group of people that love the vintage things. Here is another kind to add the flavor of the something that is vintage.
Gorgeous Red and Black Gothic Victorian Dress

Red and Black Gothic Victorian Dress

Brown Off-the-Shoulder Aristocratic Gothic Victorian Dress

Aristocratic Gothic Victorian Dress

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