The Gothic Victorian Dresses That Rock

I realize that I have collected so much dresses in the gothic victorian style. This is one kind of my favorite clothing style. The combination of the vintage victorian style and the gothic dark patterns really attracts me a lot. I am a kind of person that in favor of such a kind. And here today I will keep on adding some other patterns in this gothic victorian style.
gothic victorian dress

victorian gothic dress

Sweet Bow and Lace Multi-Layered Gothic Victorian Dress

Sweet Gothic Victorian Dress

The above dresses are the short ones. I remember that the dresses I mention in the former posts are all the long ones. So I just take some short ones here to make a simple illustration. The long dresses are the classic pattern in the victorian gothic style. While the short one could be called a new improved ones. I have to emphasize the last one. It is in the light blue color and white color. It is also belong to the gothic victorian style. In the news I read on a magazine, there is such a kind of dresses that are classified to the gothic victorian group.

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