Ghostly Victorian Halloween Costumes Are Creepy

Ghostly Halloween costumes of elegant Victorian gentlemen and ladies in tattered gowns and coats with white makeup are hauntingly spooky by nature. The abnormally pale and wan complexions, white wigs and elaborate costumes conjure up images of lingering apparitions and disembodied spirits from the years that had gone by.With the lights turned down low, these Victorian Halloween ghostly costumes are guaranteed to send chills up everyone's spine as you and your mate wander into in your coming Halloween party. Here I today will build a gallery of the costumes in this style.

The only white color from the upper part to the lower part shows the chilling feeling when we see it. The reason for such an effect is the clothing pattern. This is special because the matching way and the white make-up are unique. Have you chosen your Halloween costume? If not, you can get some inspiration from this kind of clothing and such a style of make-up.

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