Latest Design of Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

As autumn comes, the fashion weeks in season of autumn begin. There is one that attracted me most--the wedding dresses in the gothic victorian style. It breaks the traditional style in the wedding dress field. It is different from the the kinds we already know. And I will focus this latest design in the wedding dress clothing field.

White Ruffle and Bow Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

White Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

Wedding is a big day for the couples. To most of them, the wedding is solemn and sacred. Then most of them hold their wedding in the church. However, there is a growing number of couples who are fond of a new way to celebrate their most momentous day. Actually, to add some funny or relaxed tone to the wedding will make it momentous too.
gothic victorian weddign dress
In the first place, there are two key elements in the gothic victorian wedding dress. One is the gothic element and the other one is the victorian element. The victorian element is represented in the way of the dress style and pattern. Something that relative to victorian are vintage and nostalgic. For the gothic part, I think it is easy to understand. Some are relative to the dark color of the dress; and some relative to the feeling we got when we saw such a dress.
gothic victorian weddign dress
It is a perfect match with the gothic and victorian element in the wedding dresses fashion field. Such a kind of wedding dress may make the wedding a little funny and relaxed.

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