The Wedding Dress in the Gothic Victorian Style

Wedding dresses are not limited to the elegant,pure and white styles. As the people living in the modern world, they are not satisfied with the present living patterns. They want to go the directions that the people and the pattern in the former world. It is also applied into the wedding dress design. There comes a new fashion on the field of the wedding dress: the gothic victorian wedding dress. It breaks the traditional way of design and sets a new direction to the upcoming bridal gowns’fashion
White Cap Sleeves Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

White Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

White Halter Lace Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

Lace Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress

These two dresses are in the white color. The gothic style in them is represented by the dressing patterns. The first one with the chic cap sleeves and the champagne colored tassels accenting the neckline shows a strong look of the gothic victorian look.and the matching jacket adds extra glamour to the dress. The second one is a casual one. It does not belong to the rich and elegant group. The victorian element is revealed in the lace detail on the bodice.
Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress
This one we can see is in the dark purple. The ball gown silhouette best reveals the victorian style. The dark color of purple is the best representation of the gothic element. The combination of these elements will make the wedding a really different and unforgettable one.

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