Black Lace and Ruffle Detail on the Gothic Victorian Dress

The gothic victorian dress is characterized by its dark color. The black is the most classic one. And if the whole dress is all in the pure black, it may impress people that the dress is so simple and singular. Then the dress with the other colors are popular now. To emphasize the gothic element in the dress, the black detail is still appliable. Lace is a remarkable decoration to a women’s dress. Then the dress achieves both gothic dark effect and the women’s instinct characteristics.

Purple Lace Princess Gothic Victorian Dress

Purple Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Vintage Royal Blue Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Blue Lace Gothic Victorian Dress

Gothic Victorian Dress
The black lace and ruffle detail could be used in the different parts of the dress. On the neckline, the up skirt, the skirt and even the hemline. The dresses above are in different colors . The black lace reveals a kind of wilderness. It makes the dress much better than without it. For the first one the layers of the black lace on the sleeves and the skirt makes the dress more stylistic. The second one is different. The blue color with this black detailed ruffles gives the dress a stronger look of the gothic style. The black ruffle detail in the third dress is mainly on the neckline to make the dress distinctive and attractive one.

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